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Silky and the D.G.B.: Music

The Marriage Song

(Silky and the D.G.B.)
October 18, 2011
Louis W. Vincent
When I was writing this song, at first, the music arrangement was slow, and kind of bluesy. It was written to express the emotions I felt when I met my wife, who is my soul mate. I was apologizing for past wrongs, begging for forgiveness, and her hand in marriage. I knew she was the one, above all others, that I wanted to face the mustery of life with. When I played it for her, she said, I really like the song, but why do you sound so sad about being in love? Why don't you write the music so it sounds like you are happy about getting married? She was right, I was happy, and still am, and now, she believes the song expresses that happiness.

Peace and Love